Search Engines

Get your business noticed. We will optimize your presence on search engines.

Facebook Leader

Facebook is here to stay. And we will make sure you get notices and sell on it.

Instagram Famous

We will provide the best steps work so you can benefit from Instagram and its users

Links and Words

We will analyze, research and build the way every bots sees your site. Link it and write it .

What can me provide

We try to be all updated with new possibilities when it comes to optimizing for presence and visibility on the web.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Webtregu will make sure that you get more sales and get noticed around search engines. It is a hard competition, but with us you don' t have to worry, for we know what we are doing

Social Media Optimization (SoMe)

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. are the leaders and have lot of users. We will make sure that you get noticed by the right users that actually interacts with your business. That's a big Like.

Platform Optimization (Website/App)

We will analyze and build text and links that are the right for your business. So any bot or visit that comes by, will create sales or interacting that are satisfying for you. Let us do the hard work, so you gain.

The process and work

One of the teams behind Webtregu are SEO and SoMe experts that are ready to build your project with joy, knowledge and trust.

We plan it

We research it

We analyze it

We integrate it

We write it

We deliver it


Let us optimize it

Best gift to your project

Best gift to your project

With Webtregu, professionals will make you a leader around the web with lot of experience. Here you are in good hands for success.

Bring the magic to your project

Bring the magic to your project

With a unique research and analyzing, you will be sure to stand out and feel you belong in a professional way.

Work with trust

Work with trust

We will always ensure a detailed walkthrough to make sure that we have build your dream and idea spot on.


Where do we specialize

We try to be all updated with new possibilities when it comes to presence optimization.









Our Base

We could be everywhere, but sometimes you must first professionally get knowledge from one place before you are ready to move on to the next.

Fast Support

Fast Support

We are an email or a phone call away for our clients. We try our best to create a bond with our client and try to understand them for every need and problems.

Our Languages

Our Languages

We can build, at the moment, in English, Danish, German, Albanian, Macedonian. And we are trying to cover more languages while we get projects that need them.

Country Presence

Country Presence

We can build it for your presence and knowledge in Denmark, Germany, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania. Our main work has been in the mentioned countries.