Awesome design

Get a design on your app that matches your brand and desires.

Full with Features

It's your dream and idea. We will make sure that nothing is impossible.

Device Updated

Everything is fully updated the way every tablet or smartphone likes

Reliable and Fast

We make sure you make the right server choice. And we provide the speed

What can me build for

We try to be all updated with new possibilities and programs when it comes to app building.

Standalone Build

You might want an app that is only app for devices and have no website. Maybe it is for a special purpose to provide a security or function for users. Perhaps it is for the purpose of creating a digital presence for your citizen.

App That Sells

You might have a e-commerce webshop that you wanna upgrade with an app. You shop might be build in WordPress WooCommerce or Prestashop or other standalone program on your own server. We can bring your sales to the app stores such as iTunes, Android and more.

Platform Programs App

No matter what kind of website you have, we can build an app that works perfectly together with it. Whether it is a Dating Site, Classified Marketplace Site, Social Network, Multi Vendor Site or other, we can bring the project to life.

The process and work

One of the teams behind Webtregu are professional programmers and graphic designers that are ready to build your project with joy, knowledge and trust.

We plan it

We start it

We program it

We design it

We test it

We deploy and deliver it


Let us build it

Best gift to your project

Best gift to your project

With Webtregu, professionals will build your app project with lot of experience. At us you are in good hands for success.

Bring the magic to your app

Bring the magic to your app

With a unique design and build, you will be sure to stand out and feel you belong in a professional way.

Work with trust

Work with trust

We will always ensure a detailed walkthrough to make sure that we have build your dream and idea spot on.


What can we build with

We try to be all updated with new possibilities when it comes to app building.







Objective C


Our Base

We could be everywhere, but sometimes you must first professionally get knowledge from one place before you are ready to move on to the next.

Fast Support

Fast Support

We are an email or a phone call away for our clients. We try our best to create a bond with our client and try to understand them for every need and problems.

Our Languages

Our Languages

We can build, at the moment, in English, Danish, German, Albanian, Macedonian. And we are trying to cover more languages while we get projects that need them.

Country Presence

Country Presence

We can build it for your presence and knowledge in Denmark, Germany, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania. Our main work has been in the mentioned countries.