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The internet and the world wide web has been a passion for many years. And a lot of the time there has been projects that has seen virtual light, and some of those found darkness again unfortunately. Our knowledge has been achieved from trying and trying and experimenting from basements, rooms, streets etc. At the moment the company only holds 1 person that work day and night to fulfil clients needs and creative ideas.

Webtregu is located in North Macedonia, where from we do everything with passion and  expertise.

You might read a lot of “We”, but that’s to prepare for a possible expansion.

  • 2The team is small
  • The team have expertise
  • We wanna work, not get rich
  • Know 5 languages
  • No office, just laptops
  • Married, with kids
  • Big portfolio with nothing to show of
  • Always ready to design
Are we famous
Or maybe not yet

Webtregu rely on satisfied clients that bring the word on to other possible clients. We don’t offer SEO in a big scale, and we don’t spend money on SEO. We trust in common organic SEO. So the idea is to instead build client database that will bring the word of great work to others. So far it has been great to us. And we are small fish in a big pond of sharks. So we don’t wanna waste time and money we don’t have competing against giants.

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