Webtregu We design and build your dreams and ideas.
We do the hard work so you can have fun
We'll make sure you get the bestexperience online and the best start. Online Mania We Design Build and develop Websites, Apps, Web-shops and graphic content

Welcome to Webtregu

Solutions for you online needs

We create solutions that is best fit your business and for the growth of profit. With our expertise in design, marketing, search engine optimization and brand solutions we will bring success in any field.
Whether it is for computers, APP for smartphones or tablets, we can realize it.

Brand Solutions with Webtregu

Complete plan for your project

We can build and design your new project with optimization for recognition and create your marketing agenda for success and gain the best way. A whole package that can never fail and only bring you success and profit for your brand or company. We will make sure you get your unique spot with our complete solutions so your idea gets a right start or a new kick of progress.

Magic Touch

We will make sure you stand out with a unique touch.

Gift Yourself

We will listen to your dream or idea and build it.

With Trust

We will be with you until the end and more.


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Some of the opportunities

Here are some of the features and services we provide with great knowledge and expertise for success.

Graphic Design

We design Banner, Cover, Logo, Flyer, etc


We build your web shop concept and presence

App Development

We build your app for iTunes, Play Store etc

Web Design

We build your website and bring you online

Web Development

We build your special website requirements


We are also WordPress specialists

Webtregu ways of function

Satisfaction is the key element of a successful project.
  • The path to success

    We can do small single projects from our services, or we can go big with a project and bring you a solution for success.

  • What about guarantee?

    We provide guarantee for successful completion of any project we get in hand. We don’t disappoint and we work hard until it meats the guaranteed outcome.

  • Supported languages

    We have a list of language that we support and can work with at the moment.

    Those languages are:

    – English
    – German
    – Danish
    – Albanian
    – Macedonian

    We don’t turn back any project in other languages, it only gives us growth and expansion plus experience.

  • 24/7 customer support

    We can always bring support 24/7 within agreement for a managed service solutions. Where we monitor, update and secure your online presence. As a standard we are always ready to response to any inquiries via email.